Mango and Peach Smoothie Bowl


Morning everyone, if you are after a new breakfast recipe then try out my Mango and Peach Smoothie Bowl.

It takes less than 10 minutes to get on the breakfast table. Packed with fresh orange juice, banana, mango and peach. For the ultimate breakfast I’ve topped with my favourite granola and some fresh blueberries.

As I make smoothie bowls a fair amount for breakfast I try to keep a few bananas in the freezer. If you peel them first and then pop into a freezer bag they can be easily used in a smoothie.

If mango and peaches aren’t in season then you can either substitute them with another fruit. Alternatively you can also use tinned mango and peaches- just make sure they are in natural juice not syrup.

mango and peach smoothie bowl

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Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 5 mins Total Time 5 mins
Servings: 1
Best Season: Summer


Try my Mango and Peach Smoothie Bowl made with fresh orange juice, mango, peach and banana - topped off with your favourite granola



  1. Place the mango, peach, banana and orange juice in a blender
  2. Blitz until smooth and pour into a bowl
  3. Top with your favourite granola and fresh blueberries

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